Oral surgery sounds like a scary situation, but with the major advancements made in dental technology, a majority of these procedures have become quite simplified and painless. Our goal at Smiles 4 Texas in Memorial City is to ensure every one of our patients feel at home when they visit our office, regardless of the reason they’ve booked the appointment.

The reasons for oral surgery vary greatly. It can be due to injury to the teeth, poor hygiene that leads to extreme tooth decay, bad genetics that cause problems for patients regarding functionality or appearance, or due to time and stress that has caused damage to a patient’s teeth. Whatever the reason, our dentists are able to assess and address any problem a patient may encounter.


Oral surgery covers a wide variety of needs, which can stem from functionality issues to appearance preferences. At our dentist office, we provide every type of oral surgery. Our dentists are very experienced in each procedure, but here are some of the more common oral surgery procedures performed at our dental clinic:

Root Canal

When this procedure is mentioned, most people think of the worst possible surgery, but in fact, thanks to advances in medicine, a root canal is quite often relatively quick and painless. A root canal is a proven method of retaining the original tooth by removing the decay, secure the affected tooth, and then covering it with a strong composite to give it the natural feel and look it once had as a healthy tooth.

Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth. We all get them and more often than not, they need to be removed. Wisdom teeth can cause severe issues for patients. They can be painful and they can also get in the way of chewing as well as other functions. Our dentists ensure that this once-feared oral surgery is conducted quickly and with as little pain as possible.

Dental Implants

For various reasons, many patients have missing teeth. In order to fill in the gap left behind, a dental implant is necessary. Dental implants are made of the biocompatible material, titanium, and are screwed into the jawbone. It has a near 100 percent success rate and typically lasts the lifetime of the patient. Along with dental implants, we provide dental bridges, which are often three or more combined teeth replacements screwed into place.

Dental Crowns

If a tooth has experienced severe decay or a fracture, then a dental crown, or dental cap, is often required after the decay has been removed or the fracture has been corrected. These crowns cover the remaining part of the original tooth in order to restore the areas look and functionality.


If you are suffering from issues like severe tooth decay or missing teeth, then you may need oral surgery. Our dentists at Smiles 4 Texas conduct thorough evaluations of every patient that comes through our door to ensure they receive the right treatment. To ensure your teeth remain healthy and your smile remains beautiful, contact our dental clinic at 713-360-7963 and schedule your appointment.