Missing teeth. This is not a rare occurrence. In fact, more than 30 millions Americans are missing all of their teeth in one or both jaws, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). That number increases dramatically for Americans who are missing at least one tooth. What’s the solution for a missing tooth? A dental implant.

At Smiles 4 Texas, we specialize in making certain all of our dental patients have beautiful and healthy smiles. For many of our patients, this starts with a dental implant.


A dental implant is simply a replacement tooth. When a patient is missing their tooth or teeth, our dentists are able to construct and place a dental implant in its place. These implants are made of an incredibly strong and durable substance called titanium. This substance is also a biocompatible material, which means that the human body will not reject it once it is placed. The dental implant is screwed into the jaw bone, the bone accepts the titanium as part of the human body, which ensures it remains in place for the lifetime of the patient. Implants are nearly risk-free with a near 100 percent success rate.

Although dental implants aren’t real teeth, they should be treated as real teeth. Patients must continue to brush them twice daily, as well as rinse and floss regularly.


At our Memorial City dental office, we have treated every type of patient need when it comes to receiving a dental implant. Of course, every patient is different, but most of the reasons why patients require a dental implant stem from the same situations. Here are some of the most common reasons why a dental implant is needed:

Oral Injury

Accidents happen. Whether young or old, we have witnessed the most bizarre injuries take place to our patients involving their teeth. When these injuries forcibly remove teeth from a patient’s mouth, we often have to replace them with dental implants or dental implant bridges. These injuries can take place due to car accidents or sports activities or simply falling down while walking.

Tooth Decay

Some patients simply have poor oral hygiene and when teeth go long periods of time without proper care, then teeth begin falling out, breaking, or being destroyed by cavities. In all of these cases, dental implants or dental bridges are provided.


Unfortunately for some patients, they have been dealt a poor hand when it comes to genetics. This problem can often affect the way their teeth grown or how strong their teeth remain. Weak teeth often break or need to be replaced in order to provide patients with better functionality. Dental implants and dental bridges also provide these patients with the opportunity to receive a beautiful and healthy smile.


It isn’t anything to be ashamed of if you are in need of one or more dental implants. More than 3 million Americans already have dental implants, according to the AAID, and that number continues to increase each year by approximately 500,000. If you have suffered from any of these aforementioned issues with your teeth, then contact our dental office in Memorial City at 713-360-7963 and schedule your dental implant appointment.