The most common problem encountered with teeth that require an invasive dental procedure is cavities. Cavities take place when a tooth, or teeth, has too much plaque built up over time, has chipped and not been properly covered, or has an area that cannot be easily reached and cared for by the patient. Cavities are easily taken care of by the use of dental fillings, which is a strong substance made out of silver, porcelain, or, the most common, composite resin. Dental fillings are an extremely important part of dentistry because it enables the patient to continue using their original tooth or teeth and not require extensive dental surgery.

At Smiles 4 Texas, located in the Memorial City area, we are able to easily assess the health of our patient’s teeth through dental cleanings and oral check-ups. During these sessions, we can pinpoint trouble spots that may require dental fillings.


At our dental office, conducting a dental filling procedure is not a rarity. On a daily basis, we are using the dental filling process to save many of our patients’ teeth and enabling them to continue on to the best oral health they can achieve. Cavities are not an indictment on a person’s oral habits. Sometimes a cavity just happens, despite the consistency and diligence of a patient’s good oral habits. For many of our patients, here are some of the most common reasons why they have had to have dental fillings:


As we discussed, dental fillings are most commonly used to cover areas of a tooth that has been affected by a cavity. If a cavity has not spread too far or too deep, our dentists are able to remove the cavity completely and leave the remainder of the healthy tooth intact. After the cavity has been removed, those areas are then filled with either a silver, porcelain, or composite resin dental filling.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

If a patient suffers a chipped or broken tooth, then time is of the essence. At Smiles 4 Texas, we ensure our patient receives the best treatment to ensure the chip or break doesn’t spread further. The area is secured and strengthened by the strong filling. The area is also protected from any possible cavity that may infect the open area.

Dental Structure

Dental fillings are important to establish the correct bite needed for teeth to function properly. The fillings can help restore a person’s bite or fill in areas that have been affected by chips or grinding.


At our Memorial City area dental office, we have seen patients suffer from all of the aforementioned problems that require dental fillings. This simple dental procedure has saved teeth for countless patients, and has also saved patients financially. Catching these problems before they worsen ensures that you won’t have to undergo more invasive and extensive dental procedures, like root canal, dental crowns, or dental implants. If you have cavities or have a chipped or fractured tooth, then contact our dental office at 713-360-7963 and schedule your appointment today.