At Smiles 4 Texas, we are all about doing whatever we can to preserve the original teeth of our patients. Quite often, this requires the use of dental crowns, also known as dental caps. It is our goal to ensure every patient keeps their teeth as healthy as possible; but sometimes teeth require a dental crown procedure to maintain a patient’s oral health.

For our Memorial City dental patients, they have come to trust our thorough evaluations during their teeth cleanings, dental emergencies, or oral check-ups. If we see that a dental crown is necessary, then we inform our patient. Of course, if there is another alternative, like a dental filling, then we jump at the opportunity to preserve more of the original tooth.


There are various reasons why patients require a dental crown. At our Memorial City dental office, we have seen every reason. Here are some of the most common reasons our patients receive a dental cap:

Tooth Decay

When cavities strike, it is imperative that patients understand the importance of combatting them. When cavities are left untreated, then they dig deep toward the roots and spread across the tooth. Sometimes a dental filling will suffice, if it is caught in time. If the tooth must undergo extensive work, then the original tooth must be shaved down to remove all of the cavity and will require the dental cap to cover it and protect it from further harm.

Oral Injuries

Injuries and accidents to teeth are extremely common. Often, these are classified as dental emergencies, depending on the extent of the damage done to the tooth. If the tooth is severely fractured or is broken, then our dentist will adjust the tooth as needed to prepare it for a dental crown. Taking care of a tooth fracture or a tooth break in a timely manner is very important as it will ensure the tooth does not undergo more damage or begin creating a cavity.

Bad Tooth

Sometimes genetics plays a role in how teeth grow in. If a tooth grows in short or underdeveloped, receiving a dental crown will take care of the situation and will alleviate any possible problems that would have arisen from the poorly developed tooth.

Weak Tooth - When a tooth is weak, it is typically due to the age of the tooth. Older patients commonly require dental crowns, or dental caps, to strengthen their teeth. When a patient has a weak tooth or weak teeth, there is an increased chance of oral injuries or having the tooth or teeth chip or begin to crumble. Dental crowns keep these problems at bay.


It is rather easy to know if you need a dental crown. If you have a broken tooth or a heavily decayed tooth, then a dental crown may be just what you need. Of course, our dentists will conduct a thorough evaluation of the tooth or teeth to ensure a dental crown is what is required. A dental filling or some other type of dental procedure may be required. We encourage you to schedule your appointment today and have one of our highly experienced and trained dentists survey your teeth to see what can be done to alleviate all of your oral issues and get you back on the right track for pristine oral health. Contact our Memorial City office today at 713-360-7963 to schedule your dental appointment.