3D image demonstrating what a dental crown by our Spring Branch dentist looks like

Who Might Benefit From a Dental Crown by Our Houston Dentist

A cavity or bad tooth can cause severe discomfort and affect your daily life. The good news is that damaged teeth can be saved with the help of dental crowns. A type of cap used to protect teeth, dental crowns are an effective way of restoring a tooth’s original size, shape, and appearance. If you’re considering getting a dental crown from a Spring Branch dentist, here are some of its benefits you should know about.

Is a Dental Crown Right for You?

Before determining if a dental crown is right for you, our Spring Branch general dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation of your case. For milder cases, a dental filling will suffice to cover the damaged part of the tooth. Our clinic is committed to preserving the original teeth of our patients as much as possible. Sometimes, a Spring Branch dental crown is the most effective solution to ensure good oral health.

People With Tooth Decay

Dental cavities are tiny openings that develop once the surface of the tooth becomes permanently damaged, usually from poor oral hygiene. When left untreated, cavities may require more serious procedures, such as an extraction or a root canal. When dental fillings aren’t enough to save a decayed tooth, a Houston dentist will recommend a dental crown to give your tooth the protection it needs.

Patients With Oral Injuries

Our Spring Branch family dentist is ready to assist you should a dental emergency happen. Usually, a tooth fracture occurs as a result of physical trauma from an accident. In these cases, the damaged part of the tooth is shaven down in preparation for a dental cap. The replacement crown protects the tooth and gives the appearance as if nothing happened. Dental crowns offer a more durable alternative to fillings and other cosmetic procedures.

Patients With Weakened Teeth

Sometimes, bad teeth can be the result of genetics or old age. Many elder patients come in for a Spring Branch Dental Crown to give them the smile they once had. These patients leave satisfied with their restored appearance and knowledge that their teeth now have the added protection they need. Dental crowns keep teeth safe from chips, crumbling, and decay. They are also more permanent so you can rest assured that you have long-lasting protection.

Get a Spring Branch Dental Crown Today

At Smiles 4 Texas, we are committed to providing you with the best oral care possible. If you have a decayed, injured, or bad tooth, visit our clinic today so that our Spring Branch dentist can conduct a comprehensive assessment. We will go through all the options, including dental fillings, to determine the right treatment course for you. Do not suffer through the discomfort anymore and do not wait for your oral health to worsen. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and highly trained dentists.