young boy at his first dental checkup

When Should Kids Start Seeing Our Spring Branch Dentist?

If you have a new baby at home, you’re familiar with the importance of regular visits to your pediatrician, but you might be wondering when your child should start seeing our Spring Branch pediatric dentist. It may surprise you to learn that our Houston family dentist recommends children begin regular checkups as early as six months of age, or when their first tooth erupts. Establishing a dental health routine from a young age has many benefits, which we’ll discuss here.

Your Child’s First Visit to Our Spring Branch Dentist

When your child’s first tooth erupts, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our Spring Branch family dentist. This allows us to examine your baby’s tooth/teeth and gums and identify any potential issues early. Sometimes things like nursing habits, pacifier use, or teething issues may require intervention from our Houston pediatric dentist. If we see any problems, we can discuss preventive measures you can take at home and establish a system of care. We recommend children and adults see the dentist every six months, a routine that will be no different for your baby.

What to Expect at Your Baby’s First Visit to Our Houston Family Dentist

Our Spring Branch dentist sees the first visit with your baby as a way to establish a relationship built on trust and comfort. We’ll ask about your baby’s medical history, including the pregnancy and delivery, as well as feeding habits, and sleep schedule. Once one or more of your baby’s teeth have erupted, our Houston pediatric dentist will examine the teeth, gums, and bite. We also look for any signs of illness, as certain diseases like diabetes, gum disease, some cancers, and even cardiovascular disease may actually show their earliest signs in the teeth. While this is rare, it is important to spot them early so a proper treatment plan can be established.

Our Spring Branch pediatric dentist wants you and your baby to be comfortable when visiting our office, so the sooner you begin dental checkups, the more familiar the experience will be for your child as he/she grows. If you have any questions or concerns, our Spring Branch family dentist encourages you to share and discuss them openly. Our top priority is to promote excellent dental health in a warm, comfortable environment.

Smiles 4 Texas Offers Dental Care for Your Entire Family!

It’s important to prioritize oral health and establish routine dental visits for your children at a young age. As your child grows, we are able to provide a wide range of dental services, such as dental braces, cavity fillings, teeth whitening, and even oral surgery. We also treat adults, as we aim to provide comprehensive dental care for everyone in your family. If you believe it’s time to schedule your baby’s first visit to our Spring Branch pediatric dentist, give us a call! We’re honored to welcome you into our Smiles 4 Texas family!