A little girl having her teeth examined

How to Prevent Cavities in Children With the Help of a Houston General Dentist

Good oral health is a big part of your child’s wellness. When a kid has cavities, they experience severe pain and discomfort. Not to mention, they are prone to infections that affect the rest of their body. Make sure your child is happy and healthy by protecting them from tooth caries. You can do this daily in your own home when you practice excellent oral hygiene. Make sure to regularly visit a Houston general dentist. When parents team up with a professional dental team, another child is kept safe from cavities.

What Are the Signs of Cavities?

A cavity is the result of bacteria building up on a kid’s teeth. The food and drinks we consume, together with mouth acid and saliva, are a recipe for cavities. A dental cavity eats away at a tooth’s enamel. This could lead to serious health problems that need to be treated by a Houston general dentist or a physician. Watch out for signs of cavities in your child. They start to appear as white spots on the surface of the teeth. Gradually, they turn a brownish color. If they go untreated, they become black spots and create holes in the tooth. 

Stress the Importance of Brushing Your Teeth

Even babies need to get their gums cleaned. The milk they consume has sugar. Clean your baby’s gums with a damp cloth, even if they don’t have teeth yet. As soon as the first tooth arrives, brush their teeth with an infant toothbrush. By the time they turn 3 years old, they should know how to brush their own teeth and spit. Their toothpaste should only be pea-sized. Supervise children below 8 years old to make sure they don’t swallow the toothpaste. As soon as your kid has two teeth beside each other, teach them how to floss.

Feed Them a Well-Balanced Diet

Sugary treats, like candy, ice cream, cake, and soda, increase the likelihood of developing cavities. Even if your child doesn’t have a sweet tooth, they could still get cavities. Starch in bread, pasta, and potatoes can still cause plaque. Make sure they eat a well-balanced diet high in fiber. Studies show that fibrous food and vegetables help keep the gums healthy. Don’t forget to give your kid vegetables daily. If you do give them sweet treats, ask them to brush straight after.

Visit a Houston General Dentist

Together with proper hygiene at home, you must also take your child to regular visits with a Houston family dentist. Smile 4 Texas provides the very best dental experience for the whole family. Our goal is to bring smiles to Texas. We achieve this through our range of services, from dental filling application to routine cleaning. Our commitment to honesty, compassion, and trust sets us apart from other clinics. We want to make sure that you maintain pristine oral health. Schedule a visit with our Houston general dentist today! Dental insurance is accepted.