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How to Prevent Cavities During the Holidays With the Help of a Spring Branch General Dentist

One thing that everyone looks forward to during the holidays? Lots of food. But just because it’s the holidays, it doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about your oral health. Binging on the wrong types of food could lead to tooth decay for both children and adults. Our Spring Branch general dentist has a few tips to prevent cavities this festive season.

Time Your Treats Perfectly

Watching out for your oral health doesn’t mean you can’t have fun over the holidays. You can still enjoy your favorite food as long as you time them well. Eat your sugary treats right after a meal. Studies show that eating a full meal increases saliva production. Saliva can help cancel out the acid from bacteria. If you have children, establishing an eating schedule prevents cavities. Allow them to eat their desserts only after they’ve finished their meals. This will lessen their sugar intake throughout the day.

Choose the Type of Food You Eat

Not all foods are created equally. Some are more harmful to your teeth than others. Your Spring Branch general dentist will tell you to avoid the following:

  • Sticky foods get stuck between your teeth more easily. The longer they are in your mouth, the more bacteria is produced. You may think that dried fruit is the healthier choice, but they can actually cause more cavities. 
  • Hard foods like candy are another thing to limit. It takes longer to chew or suck on them, meaning you are more exposed to sugar. They can also chip or crack your teeth. If this happens to your child, have a Spring Branch pediatric dentist fix their tooth right away.
  • Starchy foods are also prone to getting in between your teeth. Sometimes, you won’t even know that they are there. Food particles can lead to plaque buildup.

Continue to Practice Good Oral Hygiene

After indulging in the holiday dinners, it is important to practice good oral hygiene. Do not forget to floss daily and rinse right away if you eat lots of sugar. Instill good oral habits in your children and encourage them to brush their teeth properly. As long as you take care of your teeth daily and see a Spring Branch general dentist regularly, you can still have fun this holiday.

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