Spring Branch dentist performing dental cleaning

How Often You Should See Our Spring Branch Dentist

We all want to maintain a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families. We all know the importance of eating right, getting plenty of exercise, and scheduling regular checkups with our doctors. But did you know that your dental health is also directly tied to your overall health and wellbeing. Ignoring dental problems that may arise can have a detrimental effect on the rest of our bodies, which is why regular checkups with our Spring Branch family dentist are a necessary part of a healthy routine.

A Beautiful Smile Begins With Twice-Yearly Visits To Our Spring Branch Dentist

We recommend booking a dental cleaning for you and each member of your family every six months. These visits are an important way for our Houston family dentist to monitor the health of your teeth while also giving them the kind of deep clean you can’t achieve at home. We use specialized instruments to access those hard-to-reach places and remove plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth and along your gumline. During your dental cleaning, our Spring Branch dentist will also perform an evaluation of your teeth to identify the existence of damage and decay, possibly with the assistance of x ray imaging so nothing is overlooked. Should we discover any problems that need to be addressed, our Spring Branch family dentist will discuss your best treatment options in order to prevent any issues from becoming worse.

Prevent Cavities With Proper Dental Hygiene at Home

In between visits, your best line of defense against cavities and other problems is to establish an effective oral hygiene routine. This includes thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice per day. If you have young children, our Houston pediatric dentist recommends that you monitor their brushing and flossing techniques closely and correct any mistakes you’re seeing. It’s common for kids to brush too quickly or miss sections of the teeth and gums altogether, allowing bacteria to grow and cause possible decay.

Kids Love Our Spring Branch Pediatric Dentist 

An important part of lifelong oral hygiene begins by establishing the relationship between you child and our Spring Branch pediatric dentist as soon as possible. We suggest your child’s first visit take place sometimes between ages six months to a year old–which is typically when the first baby teeth erupt–and then regularly every six months. This gives your child the chance to grow with our Houston pediatric dentist and feel comfortable when visiting our office. In fact, kids love our Spring Branch family dentist because of our relaxed environment and nurturing staff, who take the time to explain procedures using kid-friendly language.

At Smile 4 Texas, Your Dental Health Is Our Top Priority

If it’s time for your twice-annual dental checkup, schedule an appointment to visit our Spring Branch family dentist as soon as possible. We look forward to bringing healthy smiles to you and your entire family!