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How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Regular dental visits are an important facet of your overall health, as routine cleanings with our Spring Branch dentist not only keep your teeth healthy, but they also identify potential problems early before they require invasive procedures to correct. Should a visit to our Spring Branch family dentist uncover the presence of cavities or other issues that require intervention, you're likely wondering if your dental insurance plan will cover the cost of treatment. Here, we’ll explain how dental insurance works and how you can decide which plan may be right for you.

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a way to lower the cost of treatment with our Spring Branch family dentist that you would otherwise pay without dental insurance. There are two types of dental insurance: HMO and PPO dental insurance. 

HMO Dental Insurance

HMO plans require you to visit a dentist that is in the provider’s network in order to receive benefits. This dentist will become your primary dentist, meaning all routine care and referrals must originate from this dental practice. 

PPO Dental Insurance

PPO dental insurance, on the other hand, allows you to choose from a wider variety of dentists in your area in order to receive coverage for dental treatment. You may even be able to see a dentist that is out of network if you’re willing to pay a bit more. This is especially beneficial for patients who have already established a relationship with our Spring Branch dentist, but have a change in policy for whatever reason. Thankfully, Smile 4 Texas accepts most major PPO dental insurance plans and can work with you if not.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

If you have PPO dental insurance, what is covered at our Spring Branch family dentist depends in large part upon your specific plan. PPO dental insurance is divided into three types of coverage: preventative, restorative, and orthodontic care, each of which is discussed in more detail below.

Preventative Care

This refers to regular dental cleanings with our Houston dentist every six months, as well as annual x-rays. Most plans cover these entirely, meaning you pay nothing out of pocket. Some plans even include fluoride treatments or sealants that prevent cavities and other issues that may lead to expensive treatments.

Restorative Care

If our Spring Branch dentist finds a cavity or sees the need for a root canal, crown, bridge, or other treatment that is designed to correct an existing issue, this is known as restorative care. Most PPO dental insurance plans cover part of these expenses, but typically not all. 

Orthodontic Care

Some plans will include coverage for malocclusion issues that require braces or Invisalign treatments, so it’s wise to include this type of coverage when shopping for dental insurance if you suspect someone in your family will require orthodontic treatment.

Smile 4 Texas Accepts Most Major Insurance!

We accept the most popular insurance companies available as well as Medicare/Medicaid recipients. We can also work with you to provide options to make sure you get the smile you want if your coverage is not as comprehensive as you had hoped. It’s also important to note that you renew your dental plan each year, so be sure to take advantage of your coverage before the year ends, as it can cover some much-needed dental work. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our Spring Branch family dentist and learn what type of coverage your plan provides!