Preteen girl smiling with Spring Branch braces

What Age Can Your Child Get Braces By Our Spring Branch Dentist?

Dental braces are an important treatment for many teens in order to establish lifelong oral health and the confidence that accompanies properly aligned teeth. But when is the best time to get braces with our Spring Branch dentist? Getting them too soon may require later treatment, while getting them too late may mean your teen may have to wear them longer. A visit to our Spring Branch family dentist will give us a chance to evaluate your child’s orthodontic needs and help you decide when it’s the best time to get braces. 

Why Might Our Houston Dentist Recommend Braces? 

Braces are a common way to correct an equally-common problem called malocclusion. Malocclusion refers to alignment issues including overbite, underbite, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or improperly-spaced teeth. Braces include metal brackets that our Spring Branch dentist adheres to your child’s teeth using a special glue. These brackets are then connected by a wire that our Houston dentist will tighten every few weeks in order to slowly and gradually align your child’s teeth and jaw into the right position. 

When Will Our Houston Family Dentist Begin My Child’s Braces Treatment?

There are many different factors that influence the age at which your child should get braces in our Spring Branch pediatric dentist. We typically recommend our patients wait until all their baby teeth have fallen out and their adult teeth have come in. Sometimes in more severe cases of malocclusion, our Houston pediatric dentist will begin treatment earlier in order to shift baby teeth so their adult teeth can come through properly. In these cases, another round of braces treatment may be required later.

Since your child’s jaw is still growing, the newly-erupted adult teeth shift easier than in older patients. This isn’t to say that adults can’t get braces, too! Plenty of adults are choosing to revisit orthodontic treatments that they did not receive when they were younger for whatever reason. Our Houston family dentist is proud to offer braces to all our patients whose teeth would benefit from them. 

Maintaining Proper Braces Hygiene 

When your child has braces by our Houston pediatric dentist, proper braces hygiene is a must. Because the wires and brackets can trap food and plaque, we recommend brushing and flossing teeth after every meal to avoid cavities. Our Houston family dentist also suggests avoiding overly sticky or hard foods—such as candy, chips, and other junk foods–-that are notorious for getting stuck under wires and between brackets.

Ask Our Spring Branch Family Dentist About Braces 

If you have questions about braces for your child or think it may be time to begin this treatment, schedule an appointment with our Houston pediatric dentist. We’ll examine your child’s teeth and gums and provide our best recommendations for orthodontic care. We also offer a wide array of dental services and can meet the oral health needs of your entire family. At Smile 4 Texas Dental Center, your smile is our top priority.