Dr. Michael Phan

Dr. Michael Phan is a graduate from the University of Texas School of Dentistry with a strong background in sedation and orthodontics. He has received his nitrous certification, as well as his Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification.

Dr. Phan’s interest in dentistry started at a very young age. He said he always enjoyed visiting the dentist because it was always fun and interesting. His dentist noticed his intrigue and enthusiasm for dentistry and always allowed him to assist her with his sister and parents. His curiosity and interest grew and soon he began working and volunteering for the dental office. He said the various dental procedures, along with the rapport the dentist had with patients, gave him a strong understanding of giving back to the community. He took note of how his dentist was able to alleviate oral pain and “return the smile back to those who once lost it.” It had such an impact on him that he wanted to be able to give back to his community in the same way.

He says he loves the disparity between dental procedures and age groups, but what he enjoys most is being able to give someone their smile back or help someone who is in pain. It all comes back to why he fell in love with dentistry in the first place: helping people.

When Dr. Phan isn’t providing someone a beautiful smile or taking care of a painful situation, he enjoys traveling alone. He is an avid photographer, and traveling by himself gives him time to photograph his subjects without any time constraints or pressure.

doctor Michael Phan